New Year’s Revolutions (Episode 18)

For this episode on New Year’s Revolutions Nat and Bec begin by discussing their foray into TikTok. Is it humiliating or are they taking healthy risks? :)

Bec brings up the idea of improving someone else’s life in this new year if you don’t feel equipped to improve your own right now.
Natalie troubles this notion as she considers the dangers of help that is misguided. But at the same we don’t want to devolve into myopic self-help. It’s a delicate tightrope.

They discuss Bec’s husband’s statement that “he makes no promises” about a couple things and how that’s actually a good thing. Words have power we don’t want to toss them out. Nat adds on by referencing German philosopher Paul Tillich who says “take no oaths.”

Nat ends by saying incremental shifts, that might only be perceptible to her, are what she’s going for in her New Year’s Revolution: an incrementally shifted sound project of listening to her body.

Bec is seeking to be evermore in the present moment! She wonders if she’s doing that with her newsletter already.