Holiday Reframed (Episode 17)

In their second holiday episode (which means they tried to talk shorter for all their busy listeners!), Nat and Bec reframe the notion of holiday and what it will be this year.

Bec unpacks the etymology of the word holiday… from Old English haligdaeg (holy + day), and they realize they might need to look for their own “sabbath.”

They discuss turning a concept on its head — like the positive acne trend! Nat says she can't look at the notion of holiday straight on these days when it looks so different for so many.

Nat suggests that Bec try reframing her franticness during the holidays as excitement.

Bec suggests that Nat try reframing her care toward herself, which would be a novel way to live for her. But her fiddle-leaf fig tree is doing it!

They agree that they won’t micromanage each other into doing the reframing work they aspire to. Each of their change has to come from within.