Sleepless in Toronto (Episode 19)

The sisters attempt to reframe sleepless nights — a problem which comes from a listener. They both agree it’s a hard one especially given that Nat hasn’t had a full night’s sleep in eight years.

Bec asks if sleeplessness could be reframed for new mothers as doing hard things? Like the cold plunge from the spa — a good shock to the body’s system?

They discuss how the constraints imposed through sleepless nights could lead to generating… something! For Nat it led to the writing of a PhD! Why not write down the wild and awesome thoughts that come in the middle of the night?

Bec reads an excerpt from Nightbitch by Rachel Yoder. They discuss finding some companions who are experiencing the same thing. They ponder the transformations that mothers go through; maybe “nightbitch” is one such iteration.

They discuss the need to stay open to wherever community comes, and painfully for Bec it might not be another soulmate mother. It might be your dad shopping for formula with you! You don’t always know where care will come from and who will surprise you!