Reframing Working on Ourselves with Leah Faye Cooper 

This week, we are chatting with Vanity Fair contributing editor Leah Faye Cooper. We met Leah at South by Southwest, where she was facilitating a panel of influencers that went down the road of Botox and fillers and the external work one can do on oneself. That prompted us to ask Leah to come on Reframeables and talk about the more holistic work that we can do on ourselves and in the world, but through the eyes of a fashion writer. We talk all things fashion and culture (and what we may or may not want to do to our faces), as well as what the industry is really like — who stays, who gets out.

Leah Faye Cooper is a Vanity Fair contributing editor, covering fashion and culture. Previously editorial director at Coveteur, her work has appeared in Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, W, and The Hollywood Reporter. She is currently working on her debut book, Full-Court Dress, chronicling the rise of the NBA as a fashion powerhouse.

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