Thinking Big with Anna DeShawn (Episode 37)

Nat and Bec chat with Chicago-born digital media artist and social entrepreneur Anna DeShawn. We reminisce about the Podcast Movement conference in LA, church as preparation for life as a performer, and Anna shares some insights about creating when you don't fit in any box, doing many things at a time, and developing a self-care regimen that enables thinking big to flourish.

Anna Deshawn is the founder of The Qube and E3 Radio, which are riding media into its next era by using digital media streams to center and celebrate BIPOC and QTPOC creatives.

Check out Anna’s website for more of her work, and give her a follow on Twitter and Instagram.
Discover the best music and podcasts by BIPOC and QTPOC creatives (and join the app waitlist) at The Qube. Also check out E3 Radio for queer music and news.
The books Anna mentions are Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes and The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks.

We also wanted to put a spotlight on the podcast Hello, I’m Listening, a rebrand of the podcast Translating Love where hosts Dani (from America) and Wolfgang (from Austria) explore their unique relationship. It’s a refreshingly fun podcast where they talk about life, important issues, and fun stuff while growing together as a couple and both always bring a different perspective.