Grief Forward (Episode 38)

Grief is something that is present for a lot of us. There's lots to be sad about, so what's the best way to process the grief arising from it? Do we have an obligation to feel sad all the time given the daily tragedies in our world?  We shine light on our own ongoing griefs and explore what it means to feel safe enough to feel all our feelings, even as  we try and keep up with the needs around us. We also touch on counters to grief — which seem to fall somewhere between will and joy — and the meaning we can make as we grieve in community.

Untangled by Lisa Damour, the book Rebecca mentions
Couples Therapy, the show Rebecca mentions
How Long Should it Take to Grieve? in The New York Times and Grief and Conspiracy 20 Years After 9/11 in The Atlantic, two essays on grief we found insightful