The Best Things Come in Twos (or New and Now) (Episode 15)

The sisters acknowledge the passing of Natalie’s 17 year old car, and more importantly the passing of legend Stephen Sondheim. Nat sings a line from "Send In The Clowns."

Inspired by her son’s curiosity, Nat wants to return to the beauty of questions without feeling so tied to finding answers. Which ties together nicely with their two new problems to reframe from a listener, who asks about 1) nudging people along through mentorship and  2) does reframing need something from another?

Bec admits that nudging her teenager doesn’t work and she has to come at things indirectly — a strategy she’s learned from Nat. They role play that strategy (listen just for that!). They muse about how to take on the role of “mentor” with a really open mind?

Nat notes that memory is fuzzy and often our metaphorical glasses for looking back at them are pretty scratched up, but maybe that brings us more firmly into the now. Bec advocates for letting some memories go completely when they don't serve the New and Now!

They determine that a Sister On! wellness retreat is in order. Any takers?