Mantras and Metaphors (Episode 14)

Nat and Bec go rogue in this conversation. A question about New Year's Resolutions spirals into finding something better… a poetic motto? Maybe an action mantra?

Nat wonders if they can be less productivity-oriented with their resolutions. Maybe some lines from literature are best of all for teaching us how to live! She offers up Rachel Cusk’s Second Place and a poem by Hanif Abdurraqib. Bec reads some excerpts from National Book Award Winner Jason Mott’s Hell of a Book as her teacher of the moment.

They have a surprising laugh (it goes on for a bit!) at the end when Nat reveals that fear is not the thing that stops her, but for Bec it’s everything. She wonders if fear is at the root of all our problems. Nat promises to sit with that one. And thus a need for another episode!