UNmentorship (Episode 8)

Nat and Bec have one of their usual rambling conversations. They discuss the romanticized version of a mentor who is there to teach you all the tricks and walk with you forever, but how that’s next to impossible to find. Bec appreciates gleaning from people’s lives who are different and how that expands her. Nat admits to still wanting someone to swoop in and be a career mentor, especially after having had some really wounding mentorship experiences. The book of Job comes into the conversation and how they have learned from negative experiences. They recognize that mentorship can feel like a really big ask as it requires vulnerability on both sides. Bec brings up the idea of lateral mentorship, where guidance comes from people right beside you. Note: There is a Season 2 Ted Lasso spoiler. The Plus-Minus-Equals concept comes from James Altucher.