Saving Coffee + A Chat with Mary Elizabeth Picher (Episode 34)

This week we step outside of the podcast recording studio to reframe a couple of locations we have a lot of history with. We visit two coffee shops — ‘G.N.’ and ‘C.’ — that we’ve both spent a lot of time in and are full of memories (not all of them good). How do spaces take root in our minds and become meaning-filled, and how can we reframe places we might have bad associations with so that we can be at home around them? Come on our journey to find out!

Then we return to our Women in Business series as Bec talks to Mary Elizabeth Picher, who introduces us to her local child development-focused businesses Wholeplay and The Giving Tree Centre. We get into how the pandemic has shaken up her career, why you need to look at your childhood in order to really heal, and reframing business obstacles.

The Giving Tree Centre
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