Hallmark Movie Do-Over (Episode 35)

What is art anyways? This week we're reframing the binary of highbrow and lowbrow art after watching the Hallmark movie The Beach House, starring Minka Kelly, Andie MacDowell, and Chad Michael Murray. Do our categories get in the way of really engaging with art? How can we cast off these ingrained ideas to engage with whatever is in front of us — whether it's Dostoevsky or The Bachelor? We were both surprised by what we liked about the movie, and our viewing experience led to some insights about how our tastes evolve throughout life, the importance of structure, and creating out of constraints.

We also wanted to put a spotlight on the podcast Hello, I'm Listening, a rebrand of the podcast Translating Love where hosts Dani (from America) and Wolfgang (from Austria) explore their unique relationship. It's a refreshingly fun podcast where they talk about life, important issues, and fun stuff while growing together as a couple and both always bring a different perspective.