Reframing Life’s Big Transitions: A Conversation with Carley Fortune (Episode 28)

This week is all about reframing life's big transitions as we talk with writer Carley Fortune about leaving her steady career in the Canadian media industry to work as a solo writer and novelist. She tells us about the concept of matrescence, something she has written about in her time with Refinery29 — a challenging experience that many parents undergo but aren't able to name. We're also treated to a napkin pitch for Every Summer After,  her forthcoming novel about the nostalgia of young summer love and the choices that change us forever.

Adam Grant Thinks Again from A Slight Change of Plans (the podcast episode about reframing imposter syndrome that Nat mentions)
Carley’s piece Why I’m Okay with Being a Good-Enough Mom

You can find more of Carley Fortune's writing on her website, and give her a follow on Instagram and Twitter. Every Summer After releases on May 10th. You can see more about it (and preorder it!) here.