Redirecting the Light: Reframing Our Shadow Sides (Episode 21)

In this week's episode:

  • Bec wants to talk about what blinders we still have about ourselves in our 40s… Nat prefers the more Jungian language of “shadow sides!”
  • Bec shares two of what she believes are her shadow qualities but Nat reframes one of them, Bec’s chameleon-like tendency in a group, to be a strength.
  • Bec reframes Nat’s tendency to walk away from conversations as having a positive sense of personal boundaries. They talk about multiplicities and embracing the many parts of themselves.
  • The sisters land on a reframe we can all take on: “Name the need I have for the self I am today!”

We reference this episode of the Hidden Brain hosted by Shankar Vedantam.

Rebecca references her own Substack newsletter and Ask Polly for the discussion around multiplicities.

The quotations from e.e. cummings and James Baldwin came from The Marginalian.