Reframing the Big Leap with Juno Rinaldi and Jenny Young

We're kicking off a new year of Reframeables with guests Juno Rinaldi and Jenny Young, who have launched new web series, My Special Guest. You might know them from other roles: Juno played Frankie for five years on the Emmy-nominated Netflix series Workin' Moms, and Jenny had a long time role on CBC's radio drama Afghanada and more recently on Amazon Prime’s The Lake. Now they want you to experience them together in something new that they have written and we love women taking risks! So we’re here for them.

Together we talk about making big transitions in our 40s, leaving behind jobs that were working, and experimenting with opportunities that sit way outside the box. We discuss the perils of being a Canadian actor, the joy of working with our best friends, the futility of comparison, and what it means to connect with friends beyond kids or work — essentially friendship for friendship’s sake!

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