Reframing Therapy (A Seven Minute Check-In)

We also recorded this episode as a video, which you can watch here.

This week we're launching a new series: Reframing in Seven Minutes. For this one we check in on our October challenges from episode 53: no complaining, and no saying sorry. Reframing is always an ongoing process, so we wanted to pull back the curtain on how it's going for us in working through to the other side of something. A great episode for those of us short on time!

We also wanted to show some love for Pam Uzzell and her podcast Art Heals All Wounds. Each week, she interviews an artist and talks about their work because she believes that as creative thinkers, artists present us with some of the most compelling visions of ways that our world could work better for everyone. We feel connected to her in our shared love of art and its reframing power.