From the Classroom to Costco: Women in Transition (Maggie’s Story)

Today we're excited to launch a new series on women in transition. We've made some pretty big life transitions lately, and other people making big transitions have also been reaching out to us through Reframeables — so we decided it would be fun to feature their stories from time to time. Our guest today, Maggie, is a woman who quit teaching to work at Costco and built a popular TikTok account of close to 40,000 followers through sharing that story. We talk about why she thinks the transition was the right choice for her, her journey as an educator and teacher advocate, and what others looking to make shifts can learn from her bold move. 

We're also bringing you an update on Ann's dilemma from episode 57 — what we called the Bourdain Dilemma. Listen to find out where the book is at now!

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