Reframing Place-Based Memories (Episode 2)

Natalie and Rebecca introduce their “exceptional” details — who, what, where, including the frenemy relationship between their cats. Then they dive into some place-based memories that need reframing. For Nat it’s their childhood shed that Rebecca locked her in (she made Rebecca do it!); for Rebecca it’s the Starbucks at SickKids Hospital in Toronto where she spent a lot time during her daughter’s heart surgery.

They play the “do you remember when?” game throughout. They still don’t know if it’s legal to drive in bare feet.

The dystopian article that Rebecca references can be found here︎︎︎

They come to the realization that starting small when it comes to reframing place-based memories is helpful. They might not be able to fix the whole place, but they can “attack” the memory room by room, turning them into waters they want to swim in.