Vino is for Everyone: Diversifying Wine with Sommelier Beverly Crandon (Episode 44)

We welcomed sommelier Beverly Crandon to the podcast to talk about making wine more accessible, and how diversifying vino can make the conversation around it all the more fruitful. It's a conversation that gets into wine as a way of bringing people together, how Beverly's upbringing informs her work as a sommelier, the importance of learning the entire story of a wine, and celebrating summer in Toronto with a focus on the senses.

Beverly Crandon is a current sommelier, wine lover, marketing operations addict, and founder of the Spice Food & Wine Event Series, a collection of events that focus on pairing wine with ethnic foods in hopes to promote more cognitive diversity in the industry. She combines her wine education, love of wine, and work experience to broaden wine appreciation and advancement in those not deemed the traditional wine consumer or professional. As a founding member of Vinequity, a not-for-profit that aims to amplify the voices of BIPOC wine professionals in Canada, Beverly is acutely fashioned to do just that.

This Toronto sommelier wants us to rethink wine pairings, the Toronto Star article by Karon Liu that introduced us to Beverly's work
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Spice Food & Wine Event Series
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