Spotlight Convo: Art Heals All Wounds and Poet Preeti Vangani

This week we're putting a spotlight on a conversation from Art Heals All Wounds, a podcast hosted by our friend Pam Uzzell. We feel connected to her in our shared love of art and its reframing power, and bring to you a conversation Pam had with poet Preeti Vangani on mothers, loss, and the reframing power of poetry to heal. We hope you find this episode as enlightening as we did.

Pam's episode description:
Today, I’m joined by writer, poet, and educator Preeti Vangani. Preeti’s work covers themes of family, grief, sexual politics, and the body. In our conversation, we discuss her transition from the corporate world to creative writing, where she draws inspiration from, and what she's currently working on. Plus, she reads two of her poems and unpacks the story behind them. Tune in to learn more about Preeti’s journey and how poetry has helped guide her healing.

Preeti's website
Mother Tongue Apologize
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