Reframing the Power of “I Love You” (A Philosopher's Take) with Marianne Apostolides

With author Marianne Apostolides we talk about her newest book I Can't Get You Out Of My Mind. This episode of Reframeables is the book launch she never got (thanks a lot, Covid!). The story is about Ariadne, a writer who is navigating a divorce, an affair with the arrogant Adam and two angry teenage children. As a way to make some extra money she enters into an academic study that involves bringing an AI machine named Dirk into her home. The book asks how we enter big questions and confront ourselves in the answering. We talk about philosophy, desire, a love of language, and what "I love you" really means. Dear Reframeables, it's a big one!

Marianne Apostolides is the author of seven books, four of which have been translated. She's a two-time recipient of the Chalmers Arts Fellowship, and winner of the K.M. Hunter Award for Literature. Her latest book, I Can't Get You Out of My Mind, was a finalist for the Foreword INDIES award, Science Fiction Category.

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