Reframing Burnout with Emilie Aries 

Is reframing burnout even possible? According to Emilie Aries, the founder of Bossed Up, it is — sort of. Emilie is a speaker and author whose company is committed to closing the gender leadership gap. In this episode, you’ll hear our conversation about the systemic nature of burnout culture, particularly for women. We unpack “role overload,” try and take a really realistic look at boundary setting, and learn the difference between active and passive rest. These and other important ideas will sustain us through the holidays and beyond!

Emilie Aries is an award-winning speaker, podcaster, writer, and the founder of Bossed Up, a personal and professional training organization that helps women craft sustainable careers. She is the current host of the podcast Bossed Up, and former co-host of Stuff Mom Never Told You. Previously, Emilie served on national political campaigns as an organizer and digital strategist.

Bossed Up
How to Recalibrate Your Career, a recent episode of Emilie's Bossed Up podcast that continues where our conversation leaves off
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