All Kinds of Stories with Zarqa Nawaz (Episode 40)

We sit down with Zarqa Nawaz, the creator of Little Mosque on the Prairie, the world's first sitcom about a Muslim community living in the west. She has recently released both a new book and a new show (out now on CBC Gem), and joins us to share her insights on storytelling — from how her faith informs her writing process, to her personal journey in bringing stories like hers to the mainstream, to the inherent value of depicting the ordinary.

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Jameela Green Ruins Everything
, Zarqa's newly published book
Zarqa Nawaz had a hit show, then a decade-long dry spell. She's ready for her second act. by Marie-Danielle Smith, the Maclean's article we bring up
Acting Muslim — Representing Our Authentic Stories, the session Rebecca mentions
Read about Christian Cooper (the Central Park birder), who will be hosting a birding series for National Geographic
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